Paper Wonders

It is always incredible what an artist can achieve. How he manages to transform any material into something beautiful and unsuspected. Much more when that material is as simple, subtle and economical as paper.

Today we can share with you 9 artists that manage the paper in such a way that in many cases it is difficult to believe that it is that material.

Cybèle Young

Places To Go

Is a Toronto based artist. Her practice consists of making miniature sculptures from fine Japanese papers, some of which are embellished using etchings and other media.

How Does It Look For Tomorrow?

Kate Kato

Entomology Display

Kate Kato is a british sculptor, craftsman and collector. She creates sculptures inspired by the nature predominantly of plants and insects and are made from recycled materials, mostly with paper and textile, using stitching and embroidery to embelish the various parts of the sculptures she carves from paper and build around wire.

Bovey Lee

Bonsai–Wired Cities

Bovey Lee is a Hong Kong born, and Los Angeles based artist. Her work is about the labyrinthine relationship with nature, reflecting on what we do to the environment with our super machines and technologies and what nature does back to us in reaction.
She works carving rice paper and her work reflects her Chinese heritage.

Li Hongbo

Bust of Marseilles

Ling Hongbo is a Chinese artist, who utilizing age-old honeycomb technique creates kinetic paper works which elegantly expand, contract, and retract. These sculptures hint at influences of folk traditions in China, but in contemporary light play upon perceptions and the visual language of a mercurial medium that has stood the test of time.

Vincent Tomczyk


Vincent Tomczyk is an American artist who recreates objects of everyday life like furniture or clothes using something as simple as paper but with complicated elaborations that allow you to achieve textures such as leather, denim, aluminum.

Gunjan Aylawadi

It’s really quiet in here.

Gunjan Aylawadi is an Industrial designer and a self taught artist. She was born in India and currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.
Her works are meticulous paper weavings where paper is both material and colour. Aylawadi uses geometry and the tension in curled paper strips to create relief works that rise up from the surface and reveal their richness to the viewers as they come closer and move around them.

Ayumi Shibata

In the Jar_City of Water

Ayumi Shibata is a Japan born and New York based artist. Working within this cultural framework, she uses the traditional method of Japanese paper cutting to bring attention to the delicate relationship we as humans have with the environment. Within her work, she wants to create a discussion about how we relate and care about the world we were given.

Yulia Brodskaya

Textile Market

Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian artist and illustrator known for her handmade elegant and detailed paper illustrations. She uses two simple materials-paper and glue, and a simple technique that involves the placement of carefully cut and bent strips of paper – to make lush, vibrant, three-dimensional paper artworks.

Lisa Nilsson

Tapis Series

Lisa Nilsson is an american artist who by a technique of rolling and shaping narrow strips of paper called quilling or paper filigree. This technique has been developed extensively in her series Tissue and Tapis.