Knitting Around

This post talk about all we’ve seen this week about knitting around the blogs. Things we found funny, lovely, interesting or just we wish to knit.

  1. Mona Remastered

    Leonardo Da Vinci fascinate us with this misterious smiling woman portrait for centuries. But, why not have some fun with the image?

    This article brings us a collection of Monas remastered. We loved the one wearing the beanie with pompom.
    Want to get some fun with Mona Lisa? Try with this online photo effect and became yourself Mona Lisa.
  2. On short row colourwork and 3D design

    We love the transverse mode in which the artisan has knitted these beanies, and the leaves that it makes alternating short rows with yarns of different colors. We really want to try it.

    Via Wooly Wormhead

  3. The rest of the Best of Fall 2017: Scarf season

    Karen Templer bring us the best scarves she have found in the last season runways. Among the highlights is this beautiful stripes knitted scarf from Lemlem.
    We have so many rests of wool… You’ll certainly find find something similar in our shop towards the end of the year.

    Via Fringe Association

  4. Susan B. Anderson Gradient Twist Mittens Kit

    I found Susan B.Anderson one of the best knit bloggers, and her knits seems to be the best. This week, she has released a Limited Edition Kit of this mittens that are very cute.

    Via Susan B. Anderson

  5. Lace Heirloom Stitches + Inspiration

    Knitting is one of the most beautiful works a knitter can perform. In this article Brooklyn Tweed suggests some books about traditions, secrets and patterns.

    Via BT News

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